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History shows us many examples of consequential changes resulting in new or more relevant inventions. Rarely have these come about by momentous shifts, but a series of small iterative adjustments. The office has come a similar journey, from Taylorism and the rise of the open-plan to cubicle farms and experienced-based working. …

When using phrases like “workplace of the future” most people imagine a high-tech, utopian model of business efficiency. However recent years have seen climate change and the importance of eco-friendly practices placed front and centre of their priorities. Not surprisingly, when we discuss the workplace of the future, sustainable design tools, products and services are quickly identified as innovative solutions to help organize and implement a new way of working.

Much of the world started working from home during 2020 which led to a huge reduction in travel and triggered reports from around the world of significant environmental gain. Many…

Inclusivity and diversity are moral and legal responsibilities and employers are working hard to give diverse voices a platform. But the culture of diversity and inclusivity also needs to be represented in the workplace design, not just in the workforce itself.

Inclusive Design is the accessibility and usability of a product by a broad range of people, irrespective of any differences, without the need to specially adapt them. …

Amanda Jay

Workplace Strategist in London | Spacestor

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